You played Cards Against Humanity before, and you kept losing over and over again? Another game of Cards Against Humanity is coming up, and you need to know the rules to do better this time? Or you’ve been hearing about this fun adult game that is strictly for mature minds, and you want to know everything about Cards Against Humanity? You’re on the right page. Get ready to be adequately informed about the rules of the game.

Cards Against Humanity Rules

First, Cards Against Humanity are not suitable for people under the age of 17. It contains sensitive and vulgar statements that might be considered too much for underage people.

Basic Cards Against Humanity instructions come with a package, and we’ll deal with that first. You might be wondering why such a fun and mature game needs rules, but I assure you that the rules are not meant to restrict but rather to voice up the game and make it more interesting. Some of the instructions include:

  • Each player except the card czar gets 10 white cards
  • The card czar is usually the judge of each round, and only randomly selected players can play the card. The card is generally played by the person who defecated most recently. The card czar reads out the question or fills in the blank phrase at the back of the black card.
  • Other players with white cards select a white card each in response to the question or fill in the blanks read out by the czar and then pass their selected cards face-down to the czar.
  • The czar shuffles the combination and decides which is the funniest. The winner of the round gets an “awesome point”.
  • The players start another round with a new czar and follow the same set of rules.


Cards Against Humanity Rules


Other house rules that make the game more exciting include:

Pick 2: some black cards have pick two written at the bottom. When the czar draws out such cards, players have to combine two white cards and pass the cards to the czar in order. This is important because the czar has to read them in order. And if the card czar has claws for hands, I’ll suggest that you hold both cards with paper clips in the proper order.

Gambling: This is another way to make the game more lively if you’re so sure that you have a two-card combination that’s going to crack people up and that no one is going to beat you in that round. Why not place a bet with one of your many “awesome points” as a bet. If you win, you get to take back your “awesome point” and get your ego boost, but if you lose, you know what’s at stake friend, your “awesome point” now belongs to the winner of the round.

Rebooting the universe: this is pretty simple. You trade with one of your “awesome points” to trade as many white cards as possible for a new set of ten white cards.

Packing heat: everyone draws extra cards for pick 2s to open up more options.

Rando Cardrissian: this is an imaginary player that plays each round with you. At the beginning of each round, a random white card is selected and given to Rando Cardrissian. If Rando wins, then it’s sure humiliating for all of you that an imaginary person wins a round against all you real people, isn’t it?

God is dead: in Cards Against Humanity, the card czar is the judge and god. God is dead is played in the absence of a czar. This means you all take votes on which card is the funniest, and the card owner with the most votes wins.

Survival of the fittest: as the name suggests, it is indeed the survival of the funniest card. After each person reads each other’s white cards, each one will eliminate one card from each player, and the last card standing is the funniest, and the owner wins an “awesome point”.

Serious business: in this case,  the czar picks the three favorite cards. 3 points are awarded to the one in the first place, 2 points to the second, and an “awesome point” to the third. All these points are accumulated, and the person with the most “awesome points” is the winner at the end of the game.

Never have I ever: you don’t understand something on a card, honestly admit it so you can discard the card. It only comes with a bit of friendly humiliation.


How to Win Cards Against Humanity?

The main point of Cards Against Humanity is fun, but if you’re naturally a competitive spirit, I’m sure not winning doesn’t sound fun to you. Here are some tips that can help you win around:

  • The most important person in a round of Cards Against Humanity is the card czar. Understanding the personality and quirks of the czar can guarantee a win in the game. As long as you know what cracks the czar up, giving him a card that will be extremely funny to him should be easy
  • Know how to combine a white card perfectly with a black card. Some white cards on their own are not funny, but giving the most random unexpected answers to questions can crack people up in unforeseen ways. This way, you can use your seemingly uninteresting cards.
  • Shuffle through your white cards and carefully assess them before selecting a white card. However, this method does not give a 100% guaranty of win.
  • In scenarios with pick 2s, combine two funny cards that complement themselves in a rather amusing, unexpected manner.
  • Hold on to your funniest white cards, other players tend to use up their most humorous cards at the commencement of the game, and then they’re out of funny cards when the black card asks for it. You can tender your most amusing white card at this moment, and you’re sure to get a win.
  • In rounds, you’re sure you can’t win. Instead of wasting your best cards, you can play your worst card.
  • Tune in to the reactions of other players. If your answers crack them up, keep it up, but if they’re not very amused by your replies, it is an indicator that you should up your game and changes your strategy.
  • Be sensitive to severe events that might have happened in the czar’s personal life. Funny answers that might reopen unhealed wounds are not advisable.

As a player in a game of Cards Against Humanity, an innate sense of humor is beneficial. Amusing people don’t have many challenges in selecting the funniest card.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity as a Strip Drinking Game?


Cards Against Humanity drinking game


This matured mind’s only game just got more interesting. Cards Against Humanity drinking games and stripping games take Cards Against Humanity to a different level entirely, I’m telling you. And what’s more, you don’t have to add extra cards or buy a new edition to play this fun game.

It doesn’t matter if you like to strip or watch others strip or if you enjoy drinking or watching others drink. In this game, either you’re the entertainer, or you’re being entertained.

I see you’re already rubbing your hands in anticipation. The game has the same rules as the core game, but with twists dares that make the game more lively, you don’t need much to play this game. All you need include:

  • A pack of Cards Against Humanity. What’s strip Cards Against Humanity, or drink Cards Against Humanity game without the cards? It is not compulsory, but you can add extra cards or play new editions.
  • Nothing less than 4 players, not necessarily friends, but you should be comfortable enough around each other to drink or to strip. Also, all players should be clean, not make each other uncomfortable, and avoid body odors. It can put off the game mood.
  • Drinks and clothes, this is a strip-drink card against humanity game, so you’ll need drinks to get drunk on and clothes you can pull off later.
  • With a tremendous sense of humor and a will to play only for fun, it won’t be as much fun for those who are all about competition.

If you’re not playing, you should not be in the room at all. It’s unfair to watch others strip and drink while you are not involved in the action.

You are wondering how to play the Cards Against Humanity drinking game. It’s almost the same as the core game. The difference is that the card czar will choose both a winner and a loser. Now here’s where things get interesting, the winner will take a shot, yeah, you read that right, while the loser will strip, as expected, they’re going to take off a piece of their clothing.

Gambling, reboot the universe, packing heat, Rando Cardrissian, God is dead, survival of the fittest,  never have I ever, all apply to this game.

The difference in the strip-drink Cards Against Humanity house rules is that instead of just losing or winning “awesome points”, you get to lose your clothes as well as drink. Also, there are more house rules. Do you know what that means? More fun.

So, while playing strip Cards Against Humanity, you can use an “awesome point” to skip a dare, that is, stripping or drinking. You can also use two “awesome points” to win back a piece of clothing you already put off before. Also, you can use three “awesome points” to make everyone drink or strip for you. It is fun, right?

Winning is not the only way to win “awesome points”. By drinking or stripping, you can win “awesome points”. So if you’ve not had any luck with winning so far, drinking a shot or stripping can get you those extra points.

How to play the strip-drink Cards Against Humanity game funny?

There are two ways examples: the more people, the merrier. More players equal more stripping and more drinking because no one will be left behind. You can have the czar choose two winners and two losers. The first winner takes a shot or any other strong drink, and the second takes half a shot or a lighter drink, and the two losers strip. At the end of the game, everyone would have been involved.

There are many ways to make the game more fun. Another method of playing the game is more cards or using a new edition. They make the game last longer and more fun.

Who Goes First in Cards Against Humanity?

The czar usually goes first. The czar is generally selected from the players and is the one who pooped recently. The czar reads the question or the fill-in-the-blank statement on the black card out loud. Then the other players select a white card out of their 10 cards to answer the question or fill in the blank and pass it face down to the czar.

The card czar then shuffles all of the answers and reads each combination out loud to other players, the card czar then picks the favorite, and the person who owns the card gets to keep the black card as an “awesome point”.

A new round begins with a new black card and a new set of white cards.

How Many Cards in Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity is a party game strictly for adults, the box formerly had 550 cards, but the new edition has added 50 more cards to make the game last longer, more fun, and refreshing. With this, you can get the party started, no more boring parties for you and your friends.

Cards Against Humanity have 500 white cards and 100 black cards. You can play it for as long as you want and invite as many people as possible.


How many cards in Cards Against Humanity


Haiku Rules

What does haiku mean in Cards Against Humanity?

Haiku is originally a Japanese word, and it means a short poem that usually consists of three lines and 17 syllables. The first line contains five syllables, the second has 7 syllables, and the third one contains 5 syllables.

In Cards Against Humanity anyways, the haiku is an epic finish to a beautiful game.  The haiku is usually a black card only used at the end of the game and not for anything else. Those with the older version of Cards Against Humanity probably just played till they got tired of the game since the old versions do not come with a haiku card.

The haiku is used to end a game and determine the winner and the loser.

When you want to end the game, the czar draws up the haiku card, while every other player uses the draw 2 pick 3 rule, and the czar judges who made the best combination, and that player wins. The czar then puts the drawcard at the center of the table, ending the game.

What is the Draw 2 Pick 3?

I’m sure you’re already wondering what the draw 2 pick 3 is. It’s not complex, and it simply means you first have to draw 2 white cards from the deck and add them to your pile of white cards. Then make a three-card combination to form a hilarious sentence, quote, or just three random funny phrases that make sense when put together.

Some Haiku Examples:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, most people who win in rounds of Cards Against Humanity have a wicked sense of humor. And these people just help add the epic finish to rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Let’s see some epic haiku examples:

  • Girls that always be texting. Blowing some dudes in an alley, sneezing, farting, and coming at the same time.
  • A web of lies, A nuanced critique, Getting in her pants politely
  • The boners of the elderly, Sexual humiliation, Suicidal thoughts.
  • Sudden Poop Explosion Disease, Bosnian chicken farmers, Literally eating shit.

You have to have a wicked sense of humor to think up these epic combinations. To play this game, you just need a wicked sense of humor.


Haiku mean in Cards Against Humanity


How to Happy Ending the Game?

The perfect way to happy end a game is to make a black haiku card to honorably end the game. You’ve probably been playing for hours long, you’re tired and bored, and know all the combinations, you just want to put an end to the game, the “make a haiku card” is only used when it’s time for the final laugh that signifies the end of the game.

Also, when you’re playing the drinking Cards Against Humanity and the stripping Cards Against Humanity, and everyone is tired, drunk, and naked, you can put the perfect finish to the game using the make a haiku card, and everyone can just chug what’s left of the drinks.

It is called the happy ending because you get to laugh, and also, everyone is pleased because the judgment is fair.

How to Play the other Versions of Cards Against Humanity?

There are some interesting versions of this card game. It has the same roles as Cards Against Humanity, easy to play. If you want play Cards Against Disney, Cards Against Muggles, Cards Against Star Wars, you can purchase it at our shop.

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